Where To Stay In Andorra: The Best Areas

where to stay in andorra

Andorra is a destination that combines nature, art, rest, gastronomy, shopping and culture, which makes it mandatory for travelers seeking a complete getaway. For those who have booked their trip and need information on what are the best areas to stay in Andorra, here is detailed information.

Located at the foot of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France, this small country has become a reference destination for devotees of snow, shopping and rural tourism.

And it is that our northern neighbor has more than 300 kilometers of snow slopes, distributed mainly in the Grandvalira and Vallnord stations, which constitute a real Eden for lovers of white sports.

However, Andorra is not only snow, as it offers endless more attractions. It treasures a long catalog of Romanesque churches, in fact, it is the country with the highest concentration of temples of this style per square meter.

To all this is added its wide range of museums, the most acclaimed being the Interpretation Center of Romanesque Andorra, the Museum of the Miniature, the Comic or the Tobacco.

Shopping lovers will find the ideal destination in Andorra. For those who do not know, there are no taxes here, which saves a few euros. Thus, towns such as Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany constitute a magnet for the unconditional of shopping.

Good account of this is given by its main avenues brimming with shops, which every day welcome many travelers eager to fill the shopping cart at cheaper prices than in Spain.

Also, the catalog of natural spaces does not disappoint, allowing you to enjoy Mother Nature in its broadest sense. Especially prominent are Lake Pessons, the largest glacier in this tiny country; the Segudet forest, in Ordino; the valley of Comapedrosa, in La Massana; or Madriu-Perafita-Claror, which can boast being the largest in Andorra.

In the Principality it is also possible to enjoy a gastronomy rich in flavors and textures, the result of French and Catalan influence. Thus, among its traditional dishes we find the escudella, the Andorran cannelloni or the carving. Andorran game meat and trout also have a prominent role.

As if that were not enough, in Andorra there is Caldea, the largest thermoludic center in Europe, which is an attraction for devotees of relaxation and thermal treatments.

The best areas to stay in Andorra

Andorra is one of the most frequented destinations on the European map, both for those who seek to enjoy snow, shopping and active tourism and for those who demand the relaxation given by their thermal centers.

Consequently, the offer of accommodation is very wide, adapting to all types of travelers, whose prices become more expensive as we approach the ski slopes, especially in high season.

In Andorra la Vella, Encamp, Ordino and Arinsal are the cheapest accommodations. For its part, the most expensive are concentrated around Pas de la Casa, Soldeu, El Tarter and La Massana.

Andorra La Vella

stay in andorra la vella

It is the capital of Andorra, which is located in the central valley of the Principality. It is a place of pilgrimage for shopping enthusiasts, since it is full of luxury stores and shopping centers, most of which are concentrated on Meritxell Avenue.

In addition, it treasures a rich architectural legacy, being the top representatives the church of San Esteve, in whose interior it keeps beautiful baroque altarpieces; the Casa del Vall, headquarters of the Consell General; or the church of Sant Andreu.

Many routes depart from the capital that allow you to enjoy active tourism to the fullest, the busiest being the Camino del Prat Primer, the Santa Coloma or La Margineda, where you will find the popular homonymous bridge, the largest medieval one in the country.

Andorra la Vella lacks direct access to the ski slopes, however, it is not too far from the Vallnord and Grandvalira stations. Even so, it is not the most advisable option to stay in Andorra if the purpose is only to enjoy snow sports.

As its capital, it has a complete and varied offer of accommodation, which includes accommodation with prices that fit very well with the short budgets. In fact, you can get 5 star hotels at around $ 80 a night.

Accommodations in Andorra La Vella   

Pas de la Casa

stay in pas de la casa

This town is about 30 km from Andorra la Vella and a few minutes from the popular Grandvalira station. It is, like Andorra la Vella, one of the commercial epicenters of the Principality, as it has a generous offer of shops and shopping centers where it can be bought at cheaper prices than in Spain.

In addition to housing some interesting monuments, such as the church of San Pedro, it is surrounded by a really beautiful Alpine environment that invites you to discover it. However, its great attraction lies in the provision of access to the Grandvalira station, the largest ski sector of those who treasure the Pyrenees and one of the largest in Europe.

Precisely the proximity to Grandvalira makes Pas de la Casa a good option to sleep in Andorra, mainly for those looking to enjoy the virtues of snow. The offer of hotels is a little smaller than in the capital and also a little more expensive. Thus, a 3-star hotel costs an average of $ 75 a night.

Accommodations in Pas de la Casa   


stay in encamp

This border town with France, located a few kilometers from Pas de la Casa and crossed by the Valira River, forms, together with four more locations, the Grandvalira station. It is about ten kilometers from Andorra la Vella, where, as we have mentioned, there are the main infrastructure and services of the Principality.

It also has Romanesque and pre-Romanesque monuments such as the church of San Miguel de la Mosquera, San Jaime de Cortals, Santa Eulalia or San Romà de Vila. Also, it has museums as interesting as the Automobile, Electricity or Sacred Art.

As an added attraction, Encamp is part of the GR-11 Trans-Pyrenean Route, also known as the Pyrenean Path, from which a good number of hiking trails depart, which run between forests, lakes and beautiful alpine landscapes.

It has direct access to the main ski slopes of Grandvalira, which can be climbed through the Funicamp. This makes this enclave one of the options to take into account to stay in Andorra.

As an added advantage, the offer of accommodation is quite interesting and also has more affordable prices than other points with access to the slopes. For about $ 60 you can access a 4 star hotel.

Accommodations in Encamp   


stay in canillo

Located in the northwest of Andorra, it can boast of being the largest parish in the country and also the highest one. It has direct access to the Grandvalira slopes, which makes it the favorite place for those who visit the country to enjoy white sports.

However, its appeal does not end in the aforementioned. Among its streets are some interesting monuments, such as the Sanctuary of Meritxell or the Romanesque church of Sant Joan de Caselles, and the Ice Palace, a huge complex with tracks, saunas, restaurants, sports fields …

In addition, it treasures the rock engravings roc de les Bruixes, dating from the Bronze Age, constituting a true prehistoric treasure.

For those who intend to enjoy the snow and culture, Canillo is one of the best areas to stay in Andorra. Fortunately, prices are a bit cheaper than in the rest of the areas surrounding Grandvalira station. In fact, it is possible to book a 3-star hotel for around $ 50 a night.

Accommodations in Canillo   

El Tarter

stay in tarter andorra

This population belongs to the parish of Canillo and, therefore, is part of the Grandvalira station. In addition to distilling a typical mountain village atmosphere and being decorated with traditional architecture, you have direct access to the Grandvalira ski slopes through the cable car that starts from the parking lot.

This has made it a fetish destination for travelers who come to Andorra to enjoy the possibilities offered by snow.

As added attractions, this small town has several bars, restaurants and some interesting monuments such as the Romanesque church of Sant Pere del Tarter, dedicated to San Pedro.

Unlike other towns near the popular Grandvalira station, the Tarter does not have a very generous offer of accommodation, limited to several 3 and 4 star hotels, whose average price is around $ 80 – $ 90 a night.

However, this town stands as a good alternative to stay in Andorra for those who plan only to enjoy snow sports.

Accommodations in El Tarter   


stay in soldeu

This population, also belonging to the parish of Canillo, sits right on the right bank of the Valira de Oriente River and at the foot of the high peaks of the Pyrenees, which gives it a wonderful landscape.

In addition, it has direct access to the snow slopes of Grandvalira station, which means that it is one of the most chosen towns to stay in Andorra.

To all this we must add that it has other attractions such as Bike Park, where cycling enthusiasts can cycle and tours framed in the imposing Pyrenean landscapes; and Soldeu Golf, which can boast of being the highest altitude golf course on the European continent.

Its streets keep an interesting offer of restaurants, where they offer typical cuisine, bars and pubs very lively, where you can have fun after your ski day.

As you can imagine, the offer of accommodation is quite extensive, even some of them are located at the foot of the track. Of course, many are luxurious, so it is not an area suitable for humble budgets. For less than $ 120 a night, it is unlikely to access a hotel, much less in high season.

Accommodations in Soldeu   

La Massana

stay in la massana

This town, located in the northwestern part of the Principality and a few kilometers from Andorra la Vella, is the capital of the parish of the same name. It is known for treasuring the highest peak of the Principality: the Alto de Comapedrosa, from whose heights the views are simply spectacular.

Among its attractions are the medieval bridge of Sant Antoni de la Grella, which saves the Valira Nord river and in whose vicinity is the Romanesque chapel of the same name.

If you are interested in museums, you can visit Farga Rossell, a museum dedicated to iron work and history in the area; The Comic Museum, which, as its name invites us to think, is dedicated to these books that tell in cartoons, and in Sispony the Rull House, which recreates a typical house of the late nineteenth century.

However, the great attraction of this flirtatious town is that it is located at the foot of the ski resort of Vallnord, the second most important in the Principality, where you can practice snowshoeing, snowboarding, snowmobiling …

The privileged mountain environment that surrounds this enclave makes it ideal for the summer season, while hiking or 4 × 4 routes, cycling and even canyoning can be done.

With such characteristics, La Massana is one of the most chosen destinations to stay in Andorra. However, the offer of hotels is a bit more concise than in other areas and, therefore, slightly more expensive. The average price of a 3-star hotel is between $ 55 and $ 60 per night.

Accommodations in La Massana   


stay in ordino

Right in the northwest corner of the Principality, more than a thousand meters above sea level, is this small town, which belongs to the homonymous parish. It stands out for its monumental heritage, whose greatest exponent is the baroque chapel of Rossell, declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

Likewise, it stores several museums of interest such as the Microminiature, the Postcard of Andorra, the Iconographic of Sant Jordi and Christianity. In the town of La Cortinada, also belonging to the same parish, you will find the Nature Center of the same name.

For its part, the surrounding area houses several points of interest such as the natural park of Vall de Sorteny, which is the first protected park in the Principality. It treasures more than 700 species of endemic high mountain flora, 50 of them only originating in the Pyrenees. Here you will also find a botanical garden, which stores countless plant species.

Ordino is less than ten kilometers from the Ordino-Arcalís ski slope. It is part of the Vallnord station and is considered one of the best in the Principality for the quality of its snow.

The offer of hotels is not too extensive, but, fortunately, it has fairly cheap prices compared to other areas. For those looking for an enclave near the ski slopes, Ordino is one of the most practical places to sleep in Andorra. The average price of accommodation is around $ 60 a night.

Accommodations in Ordino   


stay in escaldes engordany andorra

This population is right in the center of the country, based on the confluence of the Valira rivers and the shelter of the Madriu valley. Like Andorra la Vella, it has a generous commercial offer, which brings together Carlemany Avenue, which acts as a powerful magnet for shopping devotees.

It also has a good offer of restaurants, bars and discos, some of them renowned as is the case of Festa Andorra. It is also well known for its offer of spa hotels and for hosting Caldea, the largest thermal center in Europe.

Like the rest of the Andorran localities, it has a wide Romanesque legacy, whose most visited monuments are the church of Sant Miquel d’Engolasters and that of Sant Pere Màrtir.

In addition, it has several interesting museums such as the Matrioshka, dedicated to Russian dolls; Josep Viladomat, who keeps an interesting collection on Romanesque art, as well as the work of the Catalan sculptor who borrows this name from this museum; or the Perfume.

This town offers one of the most extensive accommodation offers in Andorra, although it is true that hotels with spa predominate. Staying here is an excellent option to sleep in Andorra for travelers looking to combine snow sports, shopping, nightlife and thermal treatments.

As far as prices are concerned, they are a bit high. For about $ 50 or $ 60 a night you can book a 3 star hotel.

Accommodations in Escaldes-Engordany   


stay in arinsal

This small mountain town, belonging to the parish of La Massana, is surrounded by the highest peaks of the Principality: Pla de l’Estany, Comapedrosa and Medacorba. In addition, it is located about five kilometers from Andorra la Vella and is connected to Pal by the cable car that goes to the Vallnord ski slope.

These characteristics have made this Pyrenean town one of the favorite places to sleep in Andorra, especially for travelers who intend to enjoy white sports.

However, Arinsal also has some places of interest such as the Romanesque church of San Andrés. The surroundings also keep jewels for nature lovers such as the Estanys route, which leads to the wonderful glacial lakes of Tristaina.

The offer of accommodation is quite generous, as well as its prices. If you book in advance, you may access a four-star hotel for around $ 50 – $ 55.

Accommodations in Arinsal