Where to stay in Dubai: The best areas

where to stay in dubai

Dubai is the capital of the state of the same name, one of the seven that make up the United Arab Emirates. It has an ancient history, but it has been in recent decades when it has reached the splendor and prosperity that have made it the capital of the desert. Discover the best areas where to stay in Dubai.

Obviously, the exploitation of rich oil fields has had a lot to do with the economic takeoff of one of the most important capitals in the world. Population growth contributed to major road construction, transport and communications networks or aquifers. In addition to an immense port, Jebel Ali, impressive buildings began to be built that today constitute an international icon.

Despite the enormous importance of “black gold”, much of the economy of Dubai depends on other factors such as tourism. The city of Dubai offers many attractions, with monuments and historical buildings of great interest and natural spaces with great charm.

However, it is the luxury and the excessiveness of its incredible infrastructures, ready to offer the visitor all the dream comforts, which attracts millions of tourists every year. From the most luxurious hotels in the world, to beautiful beaches, through the largest skyscrapers on the planet, the Burj Khalifa and huge and famous shopping centers, Dubai is a spectacle worth watching.

Accommodation in Dubai

Dubai is a city very prepared for tourism that grows year after year. This growth is parallel to that of the accommodation offer. Even when the offer is almost overwhelming, one cannot speak of particularly economic establishments.

The city is primarily focused on a traveler with a high purchasing level and prices tend to be higher than those of other major cities in the world. To visit Dubai you have to forget backpacking options, hostels or places of very low price.

But, for tourists looking for luxury, Dubai is the right city, with some of the best and most expensive hotels in the world. However, it is always possible to adjust the budget to one of the many 4-star hotels in the city.

In general, the cheapest ones are concentrated in the areas of Bur Dubai and Deira, gradually increasing in price as we approach the Downtown and the beach.

It is good to keep in mind that the city is very extensive. Resorting to transportation will be necessary to visit the main attractions, sometimes separated by huge distances.

Public transport is efficient, but if it is to be used by system it is convenient to have a stop near the place chosen to sleep in Dubai. The option of traveling by taxi or rental car is one of the most successful, although traffic jams are frequent.

Choosing a time to travel to Dubai has significance, because seasonality is a very influential factor. In summer the temperatures can exceed 50º, something that together with the humidity does not recommend your visit at this time.

Therefore, it is the low season in which the best prices can be found. However, during this time, the city hosts events as expected as the sales of Dubai Summer Surprises.

In winter they do not exceed 25º (going down to 15º at night) and the days are sunny. Therefore, the high season lasts from December to March, something ideal to enjoy the beaches and visit all the attractions without great stress. Although, in high season, the number of visitors that the accommodations are scarce is such, triggering prices.

The best areas where to stay in Dubai

The most popular area to stay in Dubai is the Downtown. Jumeirah Beach and Palm Jumeirah are also very popular. And if you are looking for an area with more affordable hotels, Deira and Bur Dubai are the areas to consider.

Downtown Dubai

stay in downtown dubai

Due to its proximity to most attractions and large shopping centers, it is the best area to stay in Dubai. But, undoubtedly, it is one of the most expensive. For those who can afford it, here are the best hotels in the city, examples of international luxury.

Downtown Dubai is the heart of the city. It has some of the most spectacular buildings in the world. This is the case of the Burj Khalifa, the largest building on the planet, with 828 meters high, built next to the artificial lake Burj Dubai.

It houses the world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall, as well as the impressive Aquarium and many restaurants and cinemas. The other great attraction of the Downtown is the impressive Dubai Fountain, with its spectacular games of light and sound and jets that ascend more than 150 meters.

It is the most lively area and has a wide gastronomic offer. To enjoy the nightlife, the most category hotels in the area are some of the very few places in the city where you can consume alcohol. It is also very well connected, crossed by the very long line of the Dubai metro.

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stay in deira dubai

The true old town is north of the city. One of its parts is the district of Deira, which was one of the first business centers of the city. It is located on the east side of Dubai Creek, a natural estuary that enters about 10 kilometers from the coast, dividing the city into two parts.

The communication with the other party, Bur Dubai, can be carried out comfortably and economically through the traditional boats known as “abras”.

It is one of the busiest and liveliest areas where most of the city’s souks are located. Crowded with people, they represent a very interesting and different vision, beyond the splendor of the city. The gold souk and the spice are the most prominent markets. The traditional sailboats can be seen at the docks.

As an important incentive, Deira has the cheapest accommodation in Dubai, especially if you opt for the most remote parts of Dubai Creek. In addition, it is less crowded with travelers and offers more authentic and natural landscapes than those usually more touristy. In this area it is also possible to eat at a good price and frequent the more traditional “coffee shops”.

The drawback is that to visit the points of interest of the city, somewhat distant, you will have to cross the river. It can be done by bridge or tunnel, but in both cases it is very common to suffer from large traffic jams. On the other hand, it is a more traditional and less open area than the Downtown, so it is recommended that women cover themselves more.

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Bur Dubai

stay in bur dubai

The Bur Dubai area is a neighbor of the Deira district and extends across the Dubai Creek. It is the oldest area in the entire city, offering the charm of the original, apart from the great skyscrapers.

One of its main tourist attractions is the historic district of Al Bastakiya, with buildings of traditional style, although most of them are reproductions. It also houses the Dubai Museum, in the city’s oldest building, the Great Mosque, the reproduction of the Bedouin village of Heritage and Diving Village or the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum house-museum.

Another point of interest is its souk, the most important in Dubai, a good example of traditional Arab street market, flooded with aromas and colors and highlights the charm of Creekside Park, one of the largest green areas, equipped with complete equipment.

The Bur Dubai area is a good place to stay in Dubai and tends to concentrate some fairly cheap hotels. It shares, to a large extent, the characteristics of the neighboring district of Deira, with the additional advantage of being somewhat more central, if we take the Downtown as a reference.

In addition, in recent years various establishments with traditional Arab charm have been installed, far from the usual offer of hotels belonging to large chains, distributed throughout the city.

Bur Dubai is also characterized by its hustle and bustle and some parts of the neighborhood, such as Al Dhiyafah Road, have a lively entertainment area and an interesting catering offer.

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Dubai Marina

stay in dubai marina

It is one of the most lively and new areas of Dubai, a very cozy district around an artificial canal with a length of almost 4 kilometers, connected at both ends with the sea. It has the largest marina in the world, which more than meets the expectations of water sports fans.

The area is full of modern buildings, with a large number of skyscrapers that make up residential towers, shopping centers and hotels. It has a wide range of leisure, as well as varied places to eat.

It is very pleasant to walk and enjoy along the Dubai Marina Walk, while having a huge range of restaurants of all kinds, with very cozy terraces. At night it is the ideal place to enjoy the animation of an environment marked by games of light and colors. It also has its own shopping center, the Dubai Marina Mall, with more than 160 stores.

All this makes it, in principle, a good alternative to Downtown to stay in Dubai. The offer of apartments and luxury hotels is very large, but you have to take into account that it is an expensive area.

However, if a car is not available, it is inconvenient, because it is quite a distance from the city center and does not have too efficient public transport communication. In addition, traffic jams, especially on weekends, can be huge.

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Jumeirah Beach

stay in jumeirah beach dubai

Jumeirah Beach is another popular sleeping option in Dubai. It is a great option to enjoy the beaches of the Persian Gulf. Do not forget that beach tourism is one of the great attractions of the city for many of its millions of visitors.

Many of these beaches are private, belonging to the big hotels, although the public ones are also highly appreciated, the most prominent being the Umm Suqeim Beach, with splendid sunsets.

Jumeirah Beach is an ideal option to stay in Dubai for those seeking total luxury. It crosses the coast of the city, configuring an area equipped with a large number of resorts that offer all services. Beach clubs, art galleries, boutiques and hotels with glamor characterize a place recognized as a true icon of exclusivity.

This trend culminates in the luxurious Burj Al Arab, the only hotel in the world that claims seven stars, built on its own island. It is equipped with unique and absolutely personalized services.

A very prominent attraction of the place is the Jumeirah Beach Park, a space of more than 12 hectares that includes a very appreciated beach and vast green areas that constitute an authentic oasis.

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Palm Jumeirah

stay in palm jumeirah dubai

Considered as a milestone in contemporary engineering, this artificial palm-shaped island, on the Jumeirah coast, is one of the great attractions of Dubai. It has a diameter of 5 kilometers and has a long trunk and a crown made up of 17 supposed “leaves” of palm tree. A crescent-shaped island surrounds it, making breakwaters.

It is a true luxury city for tourists with possibilities. It houses countless hotels, apartments and houses prepared to provide an exclusive, truly elitist vacation for those who choose to stay in Dubai.

Contemplating the structure of this peculiar structure from the air, aboard a helicopter or seaplane, is one of the activities most appreciated by tourists. Another outstanding attraction is to enjoy the impressive facilities of the Aquaventure Waterpark, located inside the famous Atlantis the Palm hotel.

Without a doubt one of the best places where to stay in dubai.

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stay in al barsha dubai

On the southern section of the Sheikh Zayed road, which leads from the city center to the Palm area, you can find some good offers in mid-range establishments, as well as apartments. This is the case of the Al-Barsha district, equipped with affordable accommodation for Dubai standards.

The main drawback to choose it as a district to stay in Dubai is that it is somewhat away from the center and communication by subway is somewhat deficient in the area. However, by having a vehicle, as long as one of the frequent traffic jams is not suffered, the city center can be reached in 20 minutes.

Highlights in this area the presence of the Mall of Emirates, huge shopping center with a wide range of commerce, which also presents a good leisure offer, many cinemas and varied restaurants. In addition, it has an excellent indoor ski resort inside.

Hotels in Al-Barsha