Best Riads in Fez

Sleeping in the best Riad in Fez is a possibility that you should take into account if you are going to visit this Moroccan city. In our post about the best Riads in Marrakech we explain you what the Riads were: they are small palaces built by the ancient Arab traders, which are located in the medinas of the different Moroccan cities.

Almost all the best Riads in Fez are distributed in the same way: around a central courtyard, almost always arcaded and with a fountain in the centre, you can find the different rooms of the Riad, which usually occupy two or three floors. Some of the best Riads in Fes have a small swimming pool.

Nowadays, almost all the best Riad in Fès have been renovated. Moreover, many of them, now converted into charming hotels, have become the best places to sleep in Fès. In addition, it is added that the management is usually carried out by Westerners, so that the beauty of the best Riad in Fez is combined with the sense of service and the usual cleanliness in the West, something that European tourists appreciate.

1. Riad Soleil d’Or

Riad Soleil d'Or

One of our favorites among the best Riad in Fez. It has all the services required by a luxury boutique hotel, but with very contained prices for what it offers.

On the ground floor there is a small swimming pool, very elegant, which is ideal when you return to the hotel after having enjoyed the city.

In the rooms you will also find all the comforts, including air conditioning, which is a must in summer, but not in abundance in Fez.

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2. Riad Dar Tafilalet

Riad Dar Tafilalet

Another must among the best Riads in Fez. The columns on the ground floor are decorated with blue-white tiles. In the centre of the courtyard there is a beautiful fountain in the shape of an eight-pointed star.

The rooms of this Riad are carefully decorated as if they were a small palace. And on the terrace you can enjoy a delicious mint tea. Riad Dar Tafilalet is famous for offering one of the best breakfasts in Fez.

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3. Riad Les Remparts De Fès

Riad Les Remparts De Fès

Another one of the best Riad in Fez where you can sleep like an Arab prince. This riad retains the essence and decoration of the ancient palaces of the Maghreb. Both for the ornamentation of the common places and for the decoration of the rooms.

If you have the opportunity to stay in the Suite Granada do not miss it. Just for taking a bath in that palace space will be worth staying in one of the best Riad of Fez.

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4. Riad Palais Bahia Fes

Riad Palais Bahia Fes

Among the best Riads in Fez, the Palais Bahia Fes is one of the most exclusive. In any country it would be unaffordable for almost any traveller, but here the prices are more affordable.

Everything is spectacular here. From its central columned courtyard, which has a beautiful central fountain, to its wonderful outdoor swimming pool, one of our favourites among the most beautiful Riad de Fes.

The rooms combine the traditional look with western minimalism. Breakfast is great and is included in the price. This Riad also has a private spa.

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5. Riad Ibn Battouta & Spa

Riad Ibn Battouta & Spa

Something cheaper than the last one. But it is no less spectacular and exclusive. Like all Riads in Fez, it is distributed around a central courtyard and the rooms refer to the essence of Moroccan princes. There is no swimming pool in this riad. However, here too, breakfast is delicious.

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6. Riad Myra

Riad Myra

This riad located in the heart of the Medina of Fez is housed in a traditional house built at the beginning of the 20th century. The client can choose between its rooms or suites, all decorated with excellent taste, as well as the common areas, such as the inner courtyard or the fantastic panoramic terrace that offers fabulous views of the city.

In addition, if one returns tired to the riad one can enjoy its Turkish bath. No doubt a perfect place to enjoy the magic of this Moroccan city.

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7. Riad Salam Fes

Riad Salam Fes

Tiled bathtubs, embroidered sheets, wooden beds or stained glass windows are some of the things the traveler will find inside this attractive riad located a short distance from the Madrasa Bou Inania and the University of Al-Karaouin.

In addition to its enviable location, there is a terrace with panoramic views, a Turkish bath and a small balcony in each of the rooms.

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8. Riad Said

Riad Said

Despite having simpler rooms than other riads in the Medina of Fez, this white-walled hotel can boast fantastic bathrooms, with large showers, large bathtubs and modern toilets. We could almost say that each one of them is a small hammam inside the room.

Another thing we love about this riad is its terrace with umbrellas and sun beds from where you can see the city knowing that you are in a house built in the 17th century.

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9. Palais Amani

Palais Amani

This historical palace, with its intimate and discreet atmosphere, stands out for its pure and sober ambience, for its contemporary and relaxing atmosphere. You will be impressed by its lounge, library, terraces, traditional hammam and spa with treatments, as well as its garden with aromatic and citrus plants.

In addition, its rooftop bar is perfect for enjoying a mint tea or a light cocktail while letting yourself be rocked by the effervescence of the streets, a few meters below, while the 14 rooms and suites, all different, ensure the best of breaks.

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10. Karawan Riad

Karawan Riad

With a mix between the purest Moroccan and South African character that is very curious and striking at the same time. The taste in every detail is exquisite.

The location of the Karawan Riad is excellent. It is only a few minutes walk from the Bab Rcif gate, one of the main entrances to the Fez medina. Another plus point is that during the afternoon they serve delicious pastries with tea in the Riyadh’s reading room.

Breakfast is à la carte and may or may not be included in the price of the room. They are a la carte and delicious!

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