Where to stay in Melbourne: The Best Areas

where to stay in melbourne

Melbourne is a city that stands out for its quality of life, in fact it has been recognized several times as the best city to live in the world. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. We recommend in this article what are the best areas to stay in Melbourne.

Founded in 1835 by European emigrants, it had a strong development from 1850, when gold was found in the area. Such was its population growth that became the largest city in the country and consolidated as the capital of Australia between 1901 and 1927. Today it is the capital of the state of Victoria and the second most important city in the country after Sydney.

The first settler settlement occurred north of the Yarra River, in what is now considered the old town and whose population does not reach 100,000 inhabitants. However, the metropolitan area of ​​Melbourne exceeds four million as it has been bringing together populations along the shore of Port Phillip Bay, almost a large inland lake 80 kilometers wide if not for the opening to the sea of ​​a couple of kilometers in Portsea.

In addition to being a city with an enviable standard of living, it is also considered the cultural capital of Australia and is internationally recognized for the diversity of its population, its commercial and industrial dynamism, and for having hosted some of the sporting and political events most important in the country such as the 1956 Olympics or G20 summits.

A city on horseback between the Victorian and the latest currents in architecture, with an extensive tram network and offering a wide variety of accommodation, good cuisine and day and night leisure to enjoy a vacation or think, after the visit, look for work and stay in Melbourne.

The fact that the city has such a high level of well-being has the small counterpart that prices in general are higher than other tourist cities in the world and, together with Sydney, the most expensive in Australia.

This affects consumption in restaurants, theaters and other leisure activities and, of course, when staying in Melbourne.

As for the most expensive sleeping areas in Melbourne, we must highlight the area traditionally considered the historic center, with Melbourne CBD as the central area. On the other hand, CBD also congregates the largest number of accommodations to stay in Melbourne and, therefore, a wide variety.

Melbourne, although officially has a moderate climate, it is especially changing throughout the year except in spring, when there is greater climatic stability with temperate temperatures. For many, this is the best time to visit the city.

It should also be remembered that if Melbourne were in the northern hemisphere, it would be in the parallel of Spain, so that in the summer they can exceed 40ºC; temperatures, however, ideal for sun and beach tourism in areas such as St. Kilda, in the capital itself, or along the coast of the bay.

Finally, in this general review of the characteristics of accommodation in Melbourne, say that the variety is total: from 5-star hotels to hostels for groups or board-type rooms.

This implies that, despite having prices somewhat above average, the variety of them to sleep in Melbourne is guaranteed and you can always find offers in the most interesting neighborhoods to visit.

The best areas and neighborhoods to stay in Melbourne

Melbourne Central Business Distric (CBD)

stay in melbourne central business district

This area is the financial heart of the city and, by far, the most dynamic area. The accommodations, in general, also have the highest price and it is difficult to find rooms in hostels and hotels for less than $ 100, except for promotions and offers.

However, if what you are looking for is to enjoy an experience similar to staying in the New York Manhattan, this is the ideal area to do so thanks to the amount of skyscrapers that rise in the district.

As for the best areas to stay in Melbourne CBD, there is unanimity about it: the surroundings of the Flinders train station, facing the Yarra River and where there are famous accommodations such as the Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne.

Here you are close to places of interest in the district such as St. Paul’s Cathedral; the Melbourne Aquarium SEA LIFE; Chinatown, a little further north and where you can enjoy good restaurants like the Stalactites, decorated for that reason, or make some purchases at the Queen Victoria Market.

To the south of the Yarra River, most of the district is made up of several parks with concert areas, a botanical garden and a nature reserve.

Accommodations in Melbourne CBD   

South Bank

stay in south bank melbourne

Right on the southwest border of Melbourne CBD, across the Yarra River, is this semi-residential neighborhood for those looking for quieter accommodations.

Being calm does not mean that if you choose this sleeping area in Melbourne you will find lower prices. In fact, the area is full of 5-star hotels, especially in the Crown neighborhood, a lively neighborhood facing the Yarra River, with the Crown Melbourne as a reference.

In this leisure area there are also famous restaurants such as The Atlantic Restaurant, Rosetta restaurant or Nobu Japanese; several casinos with cocktail bars to enjoy nightlife, or luxury stores like Louis Vuitton and Prada.

And there is not everything left: the northeast area of ​​the district houses the National Gallery of Victoria, a cultural symbol in the city, and the Eureka Tower, the tallest tower in Melbourne and with a 360º viewpoint at almost 300 meters high.

Considering that the average elevation above Melbourne’s sea level is 35 meters, the views from this terrace reach far beyond the metropolitan area.

South Bank Hotels   


stay in docklands melbourne

It is one of the most modern areas of the city center and also of the preferred areas to stay in Melbourne. Much of the district is made up of the port area, especially the marina in front of Etihad Stadium.

To the north of the district it is also interesting to visit The District Docklands Shopping Center with numerous shops around, local food restaurants such as the Nando’s or entertainment spaces such as O’Brien Group Arena where there is a large ice rink.

As for accommodation, there are several hotels such as the Sheraton or the Melbourne Observation Wheel, although the area stands out for the rental of apartments, again, as in the previous districts, with high prices. To go out at night, the marina area is recommended, and specifically the Alumbra club.

Docklands Accommodations   

East Melbourne

stay in east melbourne

To the east of Melbourne CBD is one of the most economical downtown areas of the city where you can find rooms in aparthotels such as Mantra on Jolimont and hostels for a little over 50 euros.

East Melbourne is a residential area with large green spaces such as Fitzroy Gardens Park where Cook’s Cottage is located, the oldest standing house in Australia.

Its history is very peculiar because it was built in the English city of Yorkshire in 1755 by the parents of Captain Cook, and in 1934, almost two centuries later, it was brought brick by brick by the English nobleman Russell Grimwade.

Other attractions are St. Partrick’s Cathedral, Yarra Park with the Melbourne Cricket Stadium (where there is a large sports shop), the House of Parliament or the Richmond Football Club Museum.

The most interesting shopping area is in the vicinity of Wellington Parade Street where there are also numerous restaurants such as Two Fat Indians Restaurant or The Trippler cocktail bar for a night out.

Accommodations in East Melbourne   


stay in carlton melbourne

North of the CBD, Carlton is a residential neighborhood but also has a wide range of leisure and nightlife, as it is located just east of the University of Melbourne.

A very famous area is the Italian neighborhood around Lygon Street. In addition, there are two major avenues (Elgin and Rathdowne), where there is a wide variety of international cuisine restaurants, especially around the Cinema Nova.

Also interesting is the visit to the Carlton Gardens Park where the Melbourne Museum is located. In terms of accommodation, this area has average prices with hotels such as the ibis Melbourne Swanston Street and room rates that fall below 100$.

Accommodations in Carlton   


stay in fitzroy melbourne

Just east of Carlton is the Fitzroy neighborhood, again with two main streets: Johnston, continuation of Elgin, and Brunswick, where there are also a significant number of restaurants and places to go out at night.

In restaurants, highlight the Basque Naked For Satan, at the confluence of the aforementioned avenues, and for a drink at night, among the most prominent venues, the Blackcat Fitzroy and Black Pearl.

In terms of shopping, these streets are also ideal for acquiring fashion and cosmetic products, and as cultural attractions, it can be interesting to visit the Center for Contemporary Photography or the James Alipius Gold Museum.

Like Carlton, being a residential neighborhood and being further away from the CBD, staying in Melbourne in this area is also somewhat cheaper with hostels such as The Nunnery Accommodation Hostel, whose prices can drop by 50 $ or District Apartments Fitzroy.

Fitzroy Hotels   


stay in collingwood melbourne

Even further east of Fitzroy is the Collingwood neighborhood, famous for its gastronomic offer with bars and restaurants such as Le Bon Ton, Café Proud Mary, the Gam Bar and Dinning on Wellington Street, or the Jim’s Greek Tavern.

As for going out at night, the offer is also interesting with live music in places like The Tote or discos and pubs in hotels like The Gasometer. Of course there are also cultural attractions such as the Blackwoods Gallery or the Stomping Ground Brewery & Beer Hall.

To make purchases, there are some Outlets such as the Japanese Cibi store and Tokyo Bike, the latter on Smith Street; larger stores such as the Lululemon Athletica sportswear store; Designer bookstores in Happy Valley or a clothing store with cafeteria included in The Social Studio.

The offer in accommodation in the area is lower than in more central districts and with lower prices such as the 3-star Hotel Baden Powell or the Plus Collingwood Hostel, which can offer rooms for around 50 euros in low and medium season.

Collingwood Hotels   

St. Kilda

stay in Sta Kilda Melbourne

Although the best beaches in Melbourne are far from the center, the capital in St. Kilda has the best option for a sun and beach vacation.

To the south of South Yarra, this old bohemian area today has a good repertoire of accommodations with four-star hotels such as Novotel Melbourne, opposite St. Kilda Beach, or budget hostels a little more removed from the coast such as Nomads St. Kilda Hostel on Gray Street.

As for what to do and see in the area, highlight its extensive beach area, its extensive promenade and a pier (Pier) of more than a kilometer in length where there is a small reserve of penguins.

A little off the coast is a botanical garden and, near the Veg Out Community Gardens, the Luna Park Melbourne theme park and the Palais and The National Theater Melbourne.

Precisely, around this area there is an excellent offer of restaurants such as the Mylkbar March, Vyneyard or the vegetarian restaurant Sister of Soul. For shopping, the streets of Barkly St. Road have numerous clothing, sports, footwear and accessories stores.

Accommodations in St. Kilda   


stay in footscray melbourne

It is the westernmost tourist area of ​​Melbourne, about five kilometers from CBD. On it is the campus of the University of Victoria and much of the district borders the west bank of the Maribymong River.

Although it is a residential and quiet area, it is famous for its multicultural society, numerous shopping stores and a variety of restaurants. As for the latter, there are all types of cuisine among which more than 30 Vietnamese.

For shopping, there are numerous shops in streets such as Paisley and markets such as the Footscray Market, with all kinds of fresh products, or the Littel Saigon, with oriental products.

The places of greatest interest are the town hall building with a mixed architecture of medieval, modern, Spanish and Celtic; the Ruffian Gallery, Dog Theater and two nature reserves: Newells Paddock and Maribynong.

In relation to accommodation, they are not very numerous although there are all types such as the Footscray’s Heart apartments or the Stays Boutique.

Accommodations in Footscray   

South Yarra

stay in south yarra melbourne

The last tourist area to mention is South Yarra, south of CBD. This is a very lively area, especially in streets like Chapel, with a wide variety of restaurants such as Chappeli’s, the Imperial or Lucky Penny.

This street and its surroundings are also home to some of Melbourne’s most famous clothing stores and owned by local and international designers: Arthur Galan AG, Wichery, KOOKAI or Lee Jeans.

In this area there are also two cinemas, Cinema Como and Jam Factory. To go out at night, heading south, there are places like Bridie O’Reilly’s and Leonards House Of Love, or already on the border with the Prahran neighborhood, The Emerson Rooftop Bar.

Staying in Melbourne in this neighborhood is another good option. The options available are varied although the average price is high for two reasons: its proximity to the center and the large number of four and five star hotels, especially near Chapel Street.

However, there are cheaper accommodations with the Hotel Claremont Guesthouse or Punthill Hotel Apartment with prices per night that fall below 100 $.

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