Where to stay in Tel Aviv: The Best Areas

where to stay in tel aviv

Finding a good place to stay in Tel Aviv is not a difficult task if you learn a little about the city. Among our favorite areas are the city center, Neve Tzedek, Jaffa, Promenade, Florentin and others that we explain in detail.

The best areas to stay in Tel Aviv

More and more travelers decide to visit Tel Aviv, a city that many call the “promised land.” Understandable, it has a good number of beaches, a good nightlife and architectural gems that have earned a visit in their own right.

Unlike other cities in the Middle East, prices for everything are expensive. In fact, a survey conducted by a consultant determined that Tel Aviv is the fourth most expensive city in the Middle East and the 14th in the world.

The offer of accommodation in Tel Aviv is very wide and includes hotels of all types and categories, most of them clustered around the port and the beaches. Prices, as we anticipated, are expensive and increase during the summer.

Thus, the most expensive areas to stay in Tel Aviv are Promenade, Old North, Port Area, downtown and Jaffa. The cheapest are Florentin and Yemenite Quarter.

Tel Aviv Centre

stay in tel aviv centre

The center is the most dynamic and sybarite area, as it brings together the main tourist attractions and the commercial area, which is full of exclusive stores of international firms and the most luxurious Israeli brands.

Here there are also a good number of cafes, shops and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine. The vast majority of them are located on Rothschild Boulevard, the main artery of Tel Aviv and one of the busiest and most expensive areas.

The Telaviví heart treasures several places of interest for the traveler such as the Dizengoff Museum, which exhibits art from the first half of the 20th century and works by avant-garde movements such as Cubism, Futurism or Expressionism. Here is also the Balik House, Rabin Square and the City Hall building.

The green spaces slip between its streets and buildings, constituting the favorite place of locals and travelers to rest and disconnect. Charles Clore Garden, Meir Park and the Abu Kair Garden are the most acclaimed.

It is an excellent area to look for accommodation in Tel Aviv, as it is very close to the historic area, to the main services and, in addition, allows you to feel the city’s roar. Prices are high, in fact, for less than $ 100 it is unlikely to find a 4-star hotel.

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stay in promenade tel aviv

It is the promenade of Tel Aviv, which runs from the Tel Aviv marina, north of Gordon Beach, and continues for four kilometers to the sandy beach of Jerusalem. It is made up of different sections, each of which has its own attractions and a common denominator: a lot of animation.

One of the most prominent is Lahat Promenade, which includes the area between Gordon’s beach and the one in Aviv, which integrates a large promenade decorated with greenery, access to the beach and parks such as Charles Clore. The promenade of Tel Baruch is a little further, so it offers more privacy and tranquility.

For its part, the Old Jaffa port area extends between the mouth of the Yarkon River and Metzitzim Square, and stands out for the generous offer of shops, bars and restaurants that it treasures.

It integrates thirteen beaches, each of which offers its own attractions. For example, Aviv and Hilton Beach are ideal for surfing; Dolfinarium, windsurfing; and Gordon, beach volleyball.

Most of the hotels are concentrated around the Marina and Gordon Beach area, where there are all types. It is one of the best areas to stay in Tel Aviv for those who want to enjoy the benefits of the beach and the marine side of the city.

Prices are high, which increase during the summer. For less than $ 80 a night it is difficult to find a 4-star hotel.

Promenade Hotels   

Old North

stay in old north tel aviv

It is articulated around the Marina of the Namal port, and extends from Arlozorov street to Ha-Yarkon park and Ibn Gabirol street. It is a very careful and lively area, especially the part of the port, since it has a wide range of bars, cocktail bars and nightclubs that offer evening entertainment until the wee hours of the morning.

In addition, it hosts a host of activities and the farmers market, which opens its doors every Friday.

There are also a good number of boutiques, most of them clustered around Dizengoff Street, coffee shops and restaurants, where it is possible to enjoy the rich local cuisine.

It has access to the beaches, which receive less influx of public than the rest that dot the coast of Tel Aviv. It also has some flirtatious parks such as Independence, which is also just behind the beach, so it offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

It is close to Ha-Yarkon Park, which some people call it the “Central Park of Tel Aviv.” And it is that this huge green lung, located north of the city and on the banks of the Yarkon River, is the largest park in the city. It includes a rock garden and a tropical garden, as well as numerous green areas and walking trails.

The Basel Square area, consisting of a group of streets, is also very popular, as it houses countless cafés and cafés.

It treasures one of the most extensive hotel offers in the city, in which it is possible to find options of all categories, many with sea views. However, luxury hotels, boutique, spa or resorts predominate.

As it is close to the beach and the port it is quite in demand, making it one of the most expensive areas to stay in Tel Aviv. In fact, the average of a 4-star hotel is between $ 110 and $ 120 a night.

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Port Area

stay in port area tel aviv

Also known as Namal Tel Aviv, its name in Hebrew, extends to the Mediterranean. Its epicenter is the port, the first that was built in the country. It has been recently restored, which has made it one of the main entertainment areas of the city of Telaviví.

It houses endless restaurants, where they serve succulent fresh seafood, coffees and modern shops, which give an incredible animation to the area. At nightfall, it transforms and becomes one of the epicenters of the party, since it has a good number of nightclubs and nightclubs.

In addition to the farmers market, which takes place here every Friday, the port market, located in hangar 12, also opens its doors. In its stalls it is possible to find the best meats, wines and cheeses in the country.

It is one of the favorite areas to sleep in Tel Aviv of those travelers who seek to enjoy the possibilities offered by the Mediterranean and the party. Prices are high, especially in high season. For less than $ 80 it is difficult to find a 3 star hotel.

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stay in florentine tel aviv

Located in the southern part of downtown Telaviví, it was an old marginal neighborhood. Today it is extremely popular, although it is true that it is still in the process of transformation. His appearance in the movie Florentin and the low price of rentals has attracted many furniture manufacturers, designers and artists who have opened many shops and art galleries.

Following this movement it has become one of the most bohemian areas of the city. In fact, there are those who begin to compare it with New York Soho.

In recent years, the neighborhood has witnessed the opening of numerous craft stores; places where they serve craft beer and play live jazz music; vegan restaurants; and markets such as Levinsky, where you can buy börek or falafel, among many other typical delicacies of the country.

Here street art has an unusual prominence, which can be seen in countless building facades. Likewise, the nightlife is interesting and goes in crescendo. Many old premises and basements have been converted into nightclubs, which offer live music, constituting a magnet for devotees of the alternative environment.

It is one of the favorite areas of the most hyper and alternative travelers to stay in Tel Aviv. Fortunately, accommodation prices are cheaper than in other more neural areas. In fact, it is possible to sleep in a 4-star hotel for around $ 80 a night.

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stay in jaffa tel aviv

It was one of the oldest ports in the world, whose origins date back to the Bronze Age. Named in Hebrew Yafó, it rises facing the Mediterranean and is well known for starring in numerous biblical stories, such as Jonah’s and the whale’s, some myths of Greek mythology, such as Perseus, and Jewish Torah.

Among its narrow and labyrinthine streets, Jews, Muslims and Christians live together, which makes it one of the most multicultural in Tel Aviv. There are also a good number of restaurants specializing in fresh fish, bars, cafes, souvenir shops and, above all, art stores, painters studios and craft shops.

As for points of interest, the church of San Pedro stands out, which is located in the vicinity of the Kedumim square, where wall remains dating from the time of Ramses II have been found. Here are also the port of Jaffa, the Clock Tower or Rehov Ruslau, the Mamudiya Mosque and the Museum of Antiquities.

Olei Zion is one of the best known streets in this neighborhood, where a good number of shops live and the flea market Shuk Hapishpeshim, the largest in the city, where it is possible to find all kinds of antiques and typical products. Art devotees can shop around the Nahalat Banyamin street market and can choose works by more than two hundred artists.

It is a good area to stay in Tel Aviv for those who want to sleep between the oldest walls of the city or visit its architectural treasures. The concentration of hotels is not as generous as in the port area and, in addition, it is expensive. A 4-star hotel costs around $ 120 a night.

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Neve Tzedek

stay in neve tzedek tel aviv

Located to the southwest of the city, it was the first Jewish neighborhood that was built outside the old city of Jaffa. Until the 80s it was decadent, but from that date its renovation began and today it is one of the most prosperous and modern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv.

Shabazi is the street that articulates the neighborhood, which houses a host of craft shops, boutiques, galleries, cafes and restaurants. The old restored houses alternate with some art nouveau and Bauhaus buildings, such as the Nahum Gutman museum, which give character and beauty to the neighborhood.

Here is the popular Carmel market, where locals and travelers meet in search of the best local products.

As an added advantage, it is not far from other points of interest such as Ha Tachana, which is the train station, or the bohemian neighborhood of Florentin, as we have seen a neighborhood that is full of charm and creativity everywhere.

If you want to sleep in a quiet and authentic area and don’t care about the price, it is one of the best areas to stay in Tel Aviv. The offer of hotels is quite good, but, as we have anticipated, they have expensive prices. A 3 star hotel costs between $ 80 and $ 85.

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Yemenite Quarter

stay in yemenite quarter tel aviv

This neighborhood, known among the locals as Kerem HaTeimanim, extends behind the back of the Carmel market and, therefore, of Neve Tzedek. Its dilapidated and ancient appearance and the local atmosphere it distills give it character and an undeniable charm.

Among its cobbled streets, coquettish cafes with a terrace, popular markets, local handicraft shops and restaurants of Yemenite cuisine are located, located mainly along Allenby Avenue, where it is possible to taste authentic hummus, falafel, Yemeni soup or jachnun dishes.

Quiet and traditional, it is a good neighborhood to sleep in Tel Aviv. Given its local character, it does not have as many hotels as other more tourist areas. The advantage is that prices are not too expensive. Thus, you can book a 4-star hotel for $ 55 or $ 60.

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